front cover cropped instagrammedA brand new collection of 11 soulful songs from Church of the Beloved

We’ve selected our very best songs and are calling it, Songs for a Mystical Supper.  We want to release this as a free download again, hoping to get it out to as many people as we can and treating it as a gift to the world and a resource to the Church who is in need of thoughtful, soulful music.

Our previous album, Hope for a Tree Cut Down is also available for free download here.

Please share this page with anyone you think might enjoy this music. We ask for your e-mail only so that in the future if we decide to create another album we can let you know.

[download file=”/” title=”Songs for a Mystical Supper”]

For complete lyrics and song credits, visit our bandcamp page!

all songs (cc) January 2013
produced by Tara Ward for Church of the Beloved Edmonds, WA
engineered by Lacey Brown of Nervous Breakdance Studios, Seattle, WA and Tara Ward
mixed by Jonas G. of Mezzanine Floor Studios, Seattle, WA
mastered by Martin Feveyear of Jupiter Studios, Seattle, WA
cover artwork by Matthew Whitney
layout and design by Nathanael Washam