theology (practiced)

Practicing what we preach (but with a whole lotta grace).

We are a creatively Lutheran community, and some have rightly called us Luthemergent. At a simple level (and we like simple) we hold to the Apostle’s Creed and hold it in common with a diverse community (Protestant, Roman Catholic & Orthodox) from all over the world and throughout the ages.

If affiliations help you, we are also affiliated with the ELCA.

We believe that faith plays itself out best, in all its messy glory, within a diverse community that accepts and supports, that challenges and includes, that gives counsel and finds humor, that fosters justice and speaks love truthfully.

We value gathering often at Christ Table (what many call the Eucharist), as equals, to receive gifts none of us deserve. Whenever possible, we pull out the extra leaves and extend the Table beyond our doors.

We value honest questionssurprising acts of grace, and regular bursts of creativity. We value the screw-ups, honest attempts, and those fearless failures that inspire us to try, try again.

We value family and see ourselves as one–a family that hopes, and hopes BIG. Because our God is really into hope we trust Him.

We attempt to practice theology (orthopraxy) in our daily lives and actions. Not always easy, but we have a lotta grace from God that makes it possible.