Where would we be without friends?

Meet some of our Partners and Friends, we think you’ll like them:

Churchy Places

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

The Northwest Washington Synod

eMPT _ emergent Mission Prayer Team

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Alderwood Manor, WA

Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, WA

Edmonds Lutheran Church, Edmonds, WA

Bethesda Lutheran Church, Mountalke Terrace, WA

Sister Churches

Church of the Apostles, Seattle, WA

Echoes Bellingham, WA

Other Friends

Catacombs Churches, Western Washington

House for All Sinners and Saints, Denver, CO

Wit’s End, Northgate, WA

Mercy Seat, Minneapolis, MN

House of Mercy, St. Paul, MN

Spirit Garage, Minneapolis, MN

If you’re in town, drop by one these emerging Lutheran communities.

Recommended establishments

Buy craft beer: Two Beers Brewery, Fremont, WA

Study counseling, theology and culture: The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, Belltown, Seattle, WA

Buy local: Edmonds Market

Listen: The Opiate Mass