The Way of the Cross

WHAT: an art exhibit based on the 14 stations of the cross and led by music and story audio recording

WHERE: Edmonds Church of God 8224 220th Street Southwest  Edmonds, WA 98026

WHEN: Holy Week – Tuesday April 3, Wednesday April 4, Thursday April 5, 5-8pm

COST: Free

“This was truly an incredible experience that fed my soul and was just what I needed as my heart is getting ready for Easter.  Thank you! Thank you!” – Way of the Cross Participant

*Some content may not be suitable for young children. Parent’s discretion advised.

World AIDS Day Service

join us for music, scripture, story, poetry, film, prayer and remembrance.

we will pray for and remember people of all ages, geographies, classes, genders etc. who have been affected by the global AIDS pandemic – and for an end to the pandemic. please feel free to bring and share any stories of how the pandemic has affected you and people you know.

all are welcome. please invite anyone you think may benefit from this service.

PIG ROAST ~ Sat Aug 27 4-8pm

PIG ROAST – SAT AUG 27 – 4-8pm – FREE

Come join us in giving thanks to God and celebrating the purchase and first stages of renovating Rosewood Manor. We’ll have live music, games for kids, Hawaiian Style Roasted Pig with all the trimmings and beverages.  And it’s free, seriously free and our gift to you.  If you want to give a gift back to help us cover the costs, we wont say “no”, but this party is to say thanks for all you’ve done to help us get here.  So come hang out and we’ll give you a tour.

*After party outdoor showing of Zoolander at sundown.

Worship Schedule

Church of the Beloved worships at 4:36pm

at Rosewood Manor 8104 220th St. SW Edmonds, WA 98026

Yeah, it’s a funny time to meet, 4:36pm, but we’re a funny community, so it fits.  Plus, you are probably more apt to remember 4:36pm anyways!

So what happens at our worship gathering?  Lot’s of stuff, like meeting new friends, singing, praying, slowing down, becoming inspired, thinking new thoughts, confessing, letting go, mourning, hoping… this list could go on for a while, but essentially, these are the big movements within the gathering that you can count on:

> Tell the Story: this means we are a ‘gospel community’ who is rooted and growing in the storied grace of God

> Receive the Gift: this means we are a ‘sacramental community’ who is formed by the presence, promise and mystery of Jesus

> Share the Blessing: this means we are a ‘missional community’ who is sent by the Spirit for the sake of others

The Beloved Brew Unveiled!

Okay, so this isn’t a proper “worship reflection”, but I couldn’t resist putting this on the front page even if it is ill categorized (I could make a pretty good argument for why beer making is an act of worship, but I’ll spare you.)

So here it is!  The fruit of the labor from the first Church of the Beloved “Circle of Men” gathering:

Father Winter Ale

By Christmas Day this dark wintery ale will be ready to chill and enjoy.  You’ll notice bright hints of orange citrus, spicy notes of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and sweet dark flavors of chocolate, molasses and barley.  It’s a bit of a Christmas kitchen sink that combines together to taste like Joy to your mouth.  Well done Beloved men!

Easter EVENING Service SUN 5pm

Okay, so you didn’t get up at sunrise this morning.  Actually, you slept until noon.  So did we.

Have no fear.  There is still one Easter Service left in western Washington… 5pm at Church of the Beloved (1212 9th Ave Edmonds 98020) followed by a breakfast feast (remember, you missed breakfast) at Rosewood Manor (8104 220th st. SW Edmonds 98026) following the service.

Here’s what you have to look forward to – Jesus rising from the dead and reconciling all of creation.  Not bad, what else?  The rest is just icing, but we got Dr. Dwight Friesen from Mars Hill Graduate School preaching, a new commissioned song by Zadok Wartes, champagne Eucharist, piles and piles of french toast, and some games for the kiddos.  This is an Easter Feaster you don’t want to miss.