Depart in Peace

"I wrote this benediction when at the Taize monastery in France in 2003. I didn't think much of it and kept it to myself for a few years. I showed it to my dad while he was composing a Gospel oratorio called 'Reconciled'. He loved it, and with help from a friend it was 'gospel-ized'. Then a year later, when we were searching for just the right song to end Hope for a Tree Cut Down with, this song came up again. Tara loved it, and with help from the Beloved community it was 'indie-ized'. Thanks St. Luke the evangelist for the words."

-Ryan Marsh


Oh God, as you have promised now let your servants
depart in peace. Depart in peace.
For our eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared
for all to see. For all to see.
A light to enlighten the world and for your people:
glory. Glory.

So depart in peace. Depart in peace.

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