Come Holy Ghost

This first song was actually the last song that was composed for the album. There were two songs that were in the running for that slot, but neither seemed like the right one so we decided to go ahead and begin production on the album and trust that a first song would come to us. The result was a song that came from taking a second look at the lyrics to Martin Luther's hymn "Come Holy Ghost, Come God and Lord" at the end of a rehearsal for the album. The production of the song ended up incorporating so many different elements and instruments that as I listen to it I hear instruments and styles that almost come at you from different time periods in the history of the Church. It represents a first "hello" from our community's 'well', since we pull from a rich heritage and draw from many who have gone before us in our process of allowing God to breathe a new and unique expression in Church of the Beloved.

- Tara Ward


Come Holy Ghost. Come God and Lord
with all your grace on us outpoured.
Come Holy Light. Come guide divine.
Now cause the Word of Life to shine.

Come Holy Fire and Comfort true.
Grant us the will your work to do.
(Veni Sancte Spiritus)

Lord, by your power prepare our hearts.
Where we are weak, Lord strength impart.

That bravely here we may afford
our life and death to you our Lord.

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