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Hey. This music is free for you. Of course it was a lot of hard work and cost a lot of money for us to make this album. But for you, it's free, because we have been shocked by God's grace... that is to say, God's gift; because we are discovering what our community's gifts are; And because we want to give.

The book of Job is the oldest book of Scripture and it asks one of the oldest questions, 'Is there hope?' 'Is there hope for a tree cut down? ...Yes. At the mere scent of water it will bud and grow green shoots.'

That is what we are discovering together at Church of the Beloved - a hope. Hope that something new is beginning that has very old roots. Hope that God is growing life out of our devastation, trust out of our cynicism, love out of our fear, community out of our isolation.... And that's what this album is about - fumbling into God's grace. It is a seismic and humble shift when our heart can hear the words that God has been saying to us for all our lives, '...nothing can separate you from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus'. These songs say 'Yes' to God's claim upon your life that, 'You are my Beloved.'"

- Ryan Marsh, Beloved Architect

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"We must first receive God's welcome, the costly inclusion that constantly comes to us in so many surprising and mundane ways, before we can, in turn, offer welcome to strangers and friends, called by God to the work of creating a place of radical hospitality."

--from the Beloved's Vow


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