Consumption is overrated.

We live in a culture of consumption. From food to entertainment, from our homes to the environment, from each passing second of life we are given, we are consuming (or being consumed by) something. But consumption should have its set limits. Without limits consumption can be disastrous.

Gift, on the other hand, is limitless.

When we give freely of ourselves we reflect the generosity of a limitless and loving God. For Church of the Beloved, our giving is not limited to pre-defined categories, but is inclusive of most everything we can do and offer others and God.

We give gifts through our music, art, community, liturgy, garden, finances, presence, celebration, theology, reflections, and much more. Our giving is only limited by our own creativity and willingness to take risks.

Warning: pausing regularly from consumption to experience gift can be quite addictive. Proceed with(out) caution.