New-ish Music is Here!

It’s Here!

A brand new collection of 11 soulful songs from Church of the Beloved and the community who brought you “Hope for a Tree Cut Down”.


Remember that?

When we released our first album, Hope for a Tree Cut Down, we made a risky decision to offer it as a free download.  We wanted to share it with as many people as we could and we were shocked at how far it reached (over 15,000 downloads in 33 countries) and moved by how many people wrote to us telling us about all the lovely ways the music had been used (worship, yoga, marriages, funerals, baptisms, hip-hop remix, mission statements…).  The music seemed to meet people in some extremely deep places.

Do it again!

Well, a lot of new music has been bubbling up in us and it’s time to do it again.  We’ve selected our very best songs and are hard at work creating something truly special. We’re calling it, Songs for a Mystical Supper.  We want to release this as a free download again, hoping to get it out to as many people as we can and treating it as a gift to the world and a resource to the Church who is in need of thoughtful, soulful music.

That’s where you come in.

Over 40 people have been involved in creating this new album and, so far, every session in the studio has been “chills down our backs worthy” (See some pics of us in the studio below). We are really excited to release it, and that’s where you come in. Church of the Beloved is a small, but ridiculously creative community and we need your help to share this creativity with others. There are a lot of levels on which to contribute and some really fun rewards for your donation to this project. Seriously, any amount will help us reach our goal.

We have till November 18 at 5pm Pacific Time to raise $6,500. That amount covers the completion of recording, mixing, mastering and duplicating the album (it’s actually a shoe string budget for the level of quality we’re getting!). This is not something our community could fund if it was up to only us. But we don’t want to keep it to ourselves.  Give a little, get a lot, and let’s do this together.

Thank you + Thank God for you + Thanks be to God!


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